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Science, Engineering and Technology Congressional Visits Day
(April 25-26, 2017)

Advisory Committee to the Congressional R&D Caucus

Congressional Robotics Caucus

Mission Statement

The R&D Policy Committee is a committee of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers - United States of America (IEEE-USA).  The overall objective of the R&D Policy Committee is to develop and disseminate positions on engineering and defense research and development policies and programs in the United States within the scope of, or affecting, IEEE's technical expertise.

The Committee may address all aspects of R&D policy in the United States, excepting those within the Aerospace and Energy R&D areas, where the engineering knowledge and skills of the IEEE's U.S. members can make a constructive contribution. The R&D Policy Committee may provide a vehicle for presenting the views of the IEEE-USA to the public and the appropriate elements of government. The R&D Policy Committee will prepare and present positions in accordance with IEEE-USAB procedures on any aspect of governmental or private sector R&D policy and programs within the technical and professional competence of the IEEE. The R&D Policy Committee will work to provide to the IEEE-USA membership balanced, technically sound information on research and development related matters.

Priority Issues and Activities

IEEE-USA will support the implementation of innovation-related legislation and the associated federal research and development (R&D) budget appropriations needed to sustain U.S. technological leadership; promote economic competitiveness; and create high-value, advanced research and engineering jobs in the United States. Priorities include:

  • increasing federal investments in science and engineering R&D, including university research and education initiatives;

  • revitalizing U.S. high-tech manufacturing, including appropriate incentives for businesses to locate R&D and manufacturing operations in the United States;

  • advocating sound R&D technology policies that advance US technology industries including, but not limited to aerospace, computers, sensors, and defense;

  • enacting a permanent Federal R&D tax credit extension that is restricted to R&D in the United States to maintain competitiveness with other nations;

  • reversing the trend of off-shoring public and private sector R&D and its adverse impact on U.S. technological leadership and competitiveness; and

  • addressing issues arising from the U.S. export controls regime and the changes enacted through the Export Control Reform Initiative, including clarification of the deemed export rule.

Current committee activities include:

Position Statements

The following research and development policy related positions have been adopted by IEEE-USA:

Policy Communications

Event Photos

Congressional R&D Caucus Briefing: "A Revolution in Prosthetics"
Hosted by IEEE-USA on 9 July 2013 on Capitol Hill

Pictured from left to right are presenters Dr. Albert Chi, Mr. Michael McLoughlin and Dr. James Schatz. More details available at

Johnny Matheny, prosthetic limb user, demonstrates the capability of the Modular Prothetic Limb to former R&DPC chair Marty Sokoloski.

Committee Organization

Chair: Brendan Godfrey

Vice Chair: Randy Moses

Staff: Aline McNaull

Committee Meetings

All meetings are normally held from 10:00 a.m.- 3:00 p.m. in the IEEE-USA Conference Room, 2001 L Street, N.W, Suite 700 in Washington, DC unless otherwise indicated. 
Contact for meeting details.


You are invited to participate in the IEEE-USA RDPC. As an active member of the committee, you will contribute to the preparation of position statements, help develop supporting materials, share information with other parts of IEEE, work with staff to provide timely responses to Congressional requests, and share information with members on R&D policy matters that impact their lives. You can raise S&T policy issues of concern to you and your colleagues, and help IEEE-USA influence the formulation of national S&T policies. To explore membership, contact RDPC Chair Brendan Godfrey, at, Vice-Chair Randy Moses at, or Staff Coordinator Aline McNaull at

Special Invitation to IEEE Young Professionals

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Last Update 22 May 2017
Staff Contact:  Aline McNaull

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