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Employment and Career Services Committee (ECSC)


IEEE-USA's Employment and Career Services Committee is charged to develop and dissemination products and services that assist IEEE  members to sustain their professional development, career satisfaction, and life-long employability.  Specific functions of the committee include:

  • Improving current employment, career and professional development products and services.

  • Assisting local sections located in Regions 1-6 in providing assistance and information to unemployed members;

  • Providing Rapid Response Team Workshops for recently laid off employees and to develop workshops and seminars that will empower engineers in continuously changing career and employment issues;

  • Using various feedback mechanisms, such as surveys, to determine the value of current services to IEEE-USA members and to determine what additional services and programs are needed and practical.

  • Conducting Salary Surveys and providing salary information to members

  • Increasing the awareness of the members on the need for lifelong learning, and developing effective materials and presentations to enhance employers' awareness that encouraging lifelong individual continuing education is in their best interests.

  • Studying and communicating successful career development strategies for engineers

Key Contacts

Employment and Career Services Committee Chair
Paul Kostek

IEEE-USA Staff Contact
David Iams

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Committee Meetings

2007 Action Plan

2006 Action Plan

2005 Action Plan

2004 Action Plan



Last update: 13 February 2017
Staff Contacts: David Iams,


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