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Committee on Communications Policy (CCP)

Action Issues
and Activities


Action Issues and Activities

  • Internet, Communications and other Networks
  • Universal and Affordable Access to High-Speed Broadband Networks
  • Network Traffic Management
  • Security/Privacy/Transparency
  • FCC and and Spectrum Policy Reform


CCP invites IEEE U.S. members who have an interest in public policy coupled with expertise in the field of computers, communications, and Internet technology and who are willing to be active contributors to the committee's activities to join the committee as a Corresponding Member (CM). As CM, you will be invited to recommend committee activities, comment on draft position statements and testimonies, and otherwise participate in the business of the committee.

To become a CM, please provide a brief description of your interest and expertise in this area and submit to:

Russ Harrison
(Office) 202-530-8326

Committee Organization

IEEE-USA members are invited to serve on the committee to assist with the activities and mission of CCP.


Dan Lubar

Vice Chair:



Russ Harrison

Mission Statement

The Committee on Communications Policy (CCP) promotes formulation of sound legislation, regulation and policies relating to communications technologies. Committee members have focused on such issues as spectrum efficiency, high-performance computing, RFID, digital high-resolution systems, personal communications systems, and privacy.


CCP Chair Mike Marcus hands a copy of the IEEE-USA Petition to FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai, 1 July 2013.  More at

CCP members Eric Burger and Mike Nelson as well as Bill Tonti of the IEEE Technical Activities, gave a talk to 30 Chinese technologists visiting IEEE-USA on the issues of IPv6 and the Internet of Things. (See slide presentations from this meeting below - 15 December 2011.)

Meetings are generally held in IEEE-USA's Washington DC office. Visitors are welcome and active participation is encouraged.

Please contact Chris Brantley, for future meeting dates and details.

Position Statements




White Papers

Policy Communications


IEEE International Conference on RFID 2007 Proceedings
Abstracts are available to all. Full articles are available to those who pay for it ($13 per article) or are members of Xplore subscribing institutions.


RFID Conferences:

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Updated: 18 January 2016
Contact: Russ Harrison,


A Congressional Luncheon Briefing

7 November 2013 12:00PM - 1:30PM 2325 Rayburn House Office Building

A Partner to Wireless Innovation: Building an FCC for the 21st Century


FCC Briefing Series

IEEE-USA, in cooperation with the FCC Office of Strategic Planning and Policy Analysis and FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology, have sponsored a series of public presentation(s):

"Scaling Mobile Broadband Capacity -
A Fresh Look
7 Nov. 2012


How Federally Supported Research Leads to Game-Changing Innovation

21 March 201212:00p.m.-1:30 p.m.
SC-6, Capitol Bldg.


The Congressional R&D Caucus and


A Congressional Briefing on

“The Cloud Of Things—The Next Phase Of Computing”

15 Sept. 2011




The National Broadband Map (NBM) is a searchable and interactive website that allows users to view broadband availability across every neighborhood in the United States. The NBM was created by the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA), in collaboration with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and in partnership with 50 states, five territories and the District of Columbia. The NBM is a project of NTIA's State Broadband Initiative.





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