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Spotlight Issues
IEEE-USA Comments on Visa "Extreme Vetting" Proposals

Comments question efficacy of the proposed rules and warn of potential consequences.


Strengthening the
Patent System

IEEE-USA recently highilghted concerns and offered recommendations on how to strengthen the U.S. patent system.



Congress Praised for S&T Support in FY17 Budget

IEEE-USA joined with other organizations comprising the Task Force on American Innovation to praise Congress for its support of S&T in the FY17 omnibus budget.


Coalition Urges Continuation of ARPA-E

IEEE-USA has joined a coalition of science and engineering organizations, corporations and universities in urging Congress to continue support for the DOE's ARPA-E program, which has been targeted for termination by the White House.


Call to Action

Petition President Trump to stop the federal government from using H-1B visas to outsource government jobs.



IEEE-USA Calls on White House to End
H-1B Pay Loophole

1998 Immigration Act provisions on wage disparity allow companies to displace American workers with H-1Bs at lower than median wages.



A Look at S&T Issues in the 115th Congress

Annual report by CRS highlights S&T issues in the spotlight for Congress's 2017-2017 session.


IEEE-USA Warns Lack of Presidential Action on H-1B Visas Will Cost U.S. Jobs

At least 50,000 tech jobs at stake according to IEEE-USA
 President Pedersen.

IEEE-USA Commends NASA Reauthorization Bill

Expects bill will boost  science and technology needed for Mars Mission



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Sustaining Competitiveness
& Innovation


WISE Program
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