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2012 SET Congressional Visits Day (24-25 April)

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17th Annual SET Congressional Visits Day (CVD)

More than 30 IEEE members joined the 270 scientists and engineers participating in the 2012 Science, Engineering and Technology Congressional Visits Day, which was held on 24-25 April in Washington. CVD provides an opportunity for U.S. IEEE members to interact with their representatives in Congress on issues related to R&D, innovation and U.S. technological competitiveness.

CVD's Objectives

SET CVD raises awareness of the long-term importance of science, engineering and technology to the nation through face-to-face meetings with Members of Congress, congressional staff, key Administration officials and other decision-makers.

The core messages we ask participants to deliver are: 

  • Balanced federal investment in Science, Engineering and Technology is fundamental to the future of our Nation's prosperity.
  • Science, Engineering and Technology partnerships between government, universities, and industries mean progress, economic growth and jobs for our Nation.

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