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Congressional Visits Day 2006

The 11th Annual SET Congressional Visits Day
On 28-29 March, 41 U.S. IEEE members joined with more than 300 like-minded members of the science, engineering and technology (SET) community in visits to 61 congressional offices at the nation's Capitol complex in Washington, D.C.

Participants in the two-day event were there to remind lawmakers on that balanced federal investment in science, engineering and technology is fundamental to the future of our nation's prosperity; and effective competitiveness and innovation policies will sustain U.S. technological leadership and encourage the development of a skilled, creative and competitive workforce.

IEEE members visited the offices of 61 members of Congress, where they met with key staff to discuss the importance of balanced and sustained federal investment. Below are pictures of some of the U.S. IEEE members in action.

Some of IEEE-USA's delegation paused from their visits to take this group shot.

IEEE volunteers receive CVD training on 28 March.
Russell Lefevre (left), IEEE-USA Vice President for Technology Policy Activities, presents the IEEE-USA George E. Brown Jr. Leadership Award for Contributions to Science, Engineering & Technology to Rep. Frank Wolf (Va.) at the CVD Awards Ceremony on 28 March.

Rep. Frank Wolf  of Virginia (left) speaks with IEEE-USA's
Russ Lefevre at the CVD Awards Ceremony.

Wolf and Lefevre.

Left to right: Ambrose Wallace, Debbie Rudolph,
Carolyn Taylor, and Al Hassan Shazly in front of the Capitol.

Left to right: Carolyn Taylor (Ill.), Al Hassan Shazly (S.C.), Debbie Rudolph
(IEEE-USA staff), and Ambrose Wallace (Ill.) in front of Sen. Lindsey Graham's (S.C.) office.

IEEE members visit with Steve Robinson (left), a
staffer in the office of Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

IEEE Illinois delegation and Steve Robinson (center)
in the office of Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.

IEEE members visit with Christopher Sarley (left), a staffer
in the office of Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (Ill.).

Left to right: IEEE-USA President-Elect John Meredith, Al Hassan Shazly (S.C.),
Ambrose Wallace (Ill.), and Debbie Rudolph (IEEE-USA staff) in Rep. Hastert's Office.

IEEE meeting with staff member in Rep. Dennis Hastert's (Ill.) office.

IEEE Texas delegation and Aarti Shah (center), staffer in Rep. Joe Barton's (Texas) office.

L to R: Jay Greenberg, Dr. Li Bai, Harold Ammond, Rep. Curt Weldon (Pa.) and Sedofia Gedzah.

Pennsylvania delegation and Nitin Jagdish (Chaka Fattah Legislative Fellow).

Pennsylvania delegation and Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania (third from right).

Left to right: David Vaglia, Jay Greenberg, Tooshar Swain (staff,
Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania), Michael Oliver and Sedofia Gedzah.

Left to right: Michael Oliver, Sedofia Gedzah, Li Bai, David Vaglia,
and Tooshar Swain (staff, Senator Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania).

Pennsylvania delegation, Sedofia Gedzah and Michael Oliver, with Tooshar Swain (left).

Sedofia Gedzah (Lockheed Martin, Temple Alumni), Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C., Chair, House Science Committee, Research Subcommittee), Dr. Li Bai (ECE, Temple University)




Updated:  19 October 2006

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