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Congressional Science, Engineering
& Technology Visits Day

1-2 May 2001

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The sixth-annual Congressional Science, Engineering & Tecnology Visits Day (CVD) was a tremendous success, as a score of IEEE U.S. members, including IEEE-USA President Ned Sauthoff participated in the annual event on May 1-2 Washington, D.C.

Nearly 300 science and business leaders from more than 50 organizations were present to help raise congressional awareness of the importance of science and technology to the nation.

Congressional Visits Day (CVD) is a two-day event that brings scientists, engineers, researchers, educators and technology executives to Washington to meet with congressional decision-makers.

Sponsored by the Science, Engineering, Technology Work Group, CVD aims to raise visibility and support for the science, engineering and technology fields.

During the CVD reception, IEEE-USA President Ned Sauthoff presented a George Brown Science, Engineering & Technology Leadership Award to Senator Kit Bond (at right).  A Leadership Award was also presented to Senator Barbara Mikulski (below)

IEEE-USA staffers Debbie Rudolph and Bill Williams and Vin O'Neill helped to organize the event and also participated.

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