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IEEE-USA Conferences Program - Key Contacts

If you are interested in learning more about IEEE-USA's Conferences Program or explore opportunities for conference partnerships that leverage IEEE-USA resources, contact:

Charles Rubenstein
Chair, IEEE-USA Conferences Committee
Committee Members

Steve Bourg
Dave Green
Felicia Harlow
Ed Perkins
Scott Tomassuro*
Tom Coughlin** - VP Prof. Activities
Roger Fujii** - Technical Activities Rep.

* Virtual Conferences
** Ex-Officio position

Regional Conference Coordinators

R1: Charles Rubenstein
R2: Felicia Harlow
R3: Sean Haynes
R4: David Koehler & Russ Meier
R5: Mike Siok
R6: Mike Andrews

About The IEEE-USA Conferences Program

IEEE-USA seeks to sponsor, co-sponsor or technically co-sponsor conferences, workshops and similar meetings that address specific areas of technology when the conference will advance the mission and purposes of IEEE-USA. Examples include, but are not limited to, conferences that:

  • provide a venue for engaging public officials and opinion-leaders on
    technology policy-related issues.

  • include a public policy or societal implications component in the call for papers and/or in the program.

  • serve to advance technologies deemed important to U.S. economic
    competitiveness and/or security, especially new and emerging technologies.

  • provide an opportunity to raise awareness and engage IEEE’s technical communities with the public policy and societal implications of their technologies or discipline, and/or

  • include a workforce-related or employment assistance component of prospective benefit to IEEE members

We are especially interested in sponsoring events by IEEE units in the United States that intend to have venues outside of a single region, or those whose attendees and presenters come from multiple U.S. regions.


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