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Following these links to topics of interest on the IEEE-USA (and IEEE) Websites:

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Action Alerts
Aerospace Policy
AICN Newsletter
Awards and Recognitions (IEEE-USA)
Awards and Recognition Committee


Basic Documents (IEEE-USA)
Business Services
Bylaws (IEEE-USA)


Candidates (IEEE-USA Elections)
Career Asset Manager
Career Equality
Career Guidance
Career Maintenance
Careers Conference

Career Services
Career Workshops
Catalog (IEEE-USA Electronic)
Chapters (Local IEEE)
Committees (IEEE-USA)

Computers and Information Policy
Conferences (IEEE-USA)
Conferences (Technical)

Congressional Visits Day (CVD)
Consultants Services
Consultants Directory
Consultants Workshops
Consultants Networks
Communications Policy


Discrimination (Anti-)
Distractions and Diversions


Educational Activities
Elections (IEEE)
Elections (IEEE-USA)

Electric and Magnetic Fields (EMF Health Effects)
Electronic Catalog (IEEE-USA)
Electronic Communcations Services
E-mail Aliases (
Employment Assistance
Employment Benefits
Employment Services

Energy Policy
Engineering Employment Benefits
Entry Level Jobs
Ethics (IEEE Code of Ethics)

Ethics (Ethics Resources)


Fellowships (Government)
FRONTLINE (Employment Assistance newsletter)
Financial Advantage Program


Global Employment Resources
Government Appointments
Government Fellowships
Government Fellows Committee
Government Relations

Grassroots Networks


History (of IEEE-USA)
History Center (IEEE)
How to Lobby


IEEE-USA (Introduction to)
IEEE-USA Activities (overview)
IEEE-USA Perspectives
IEEE-USA This Week
Information Policy
Institute (IEEE newspaper)
Intellectual Property


Job Listings





Legislative Action Center
Legislative Resource Center
Licensure and Registration


Majordomo (e-mail discussion lists)
Member Forum (Policy Feedback)
Medical Technology Policy
Meetings (IEEE-USA Board of Directors/OpCom)


National Engineers Week
New and Notable
News (IEEE)
News Releases (IEEE-USA)


Operations Manual (IEEE-USA) -- 412K PDF file


PACE Conference
PACE Leaders Handbook
PACE Project Funding (instructions & forms)
PACE Network Volunteers
Position Papers (IEEE-USA)
Potentials (magazine)
Programs (IEEE-USA)
Professional Development Conference
Public Policy Agenda
Public Policy Action Alerts
Public Policy Log
Public Policy Whitepapers and Reports
Public Policy Manual
Publications (IEEE-USA)


Research and Development Policy
Research Grants/Awards (Federal)
Resume Database


Salary Calculator
Survey Survey [2001] [1999]
Salary Workbook (98 ed.)
Sections (Local IEEE)
Spectrum (magazine)
Standards (IEEE)
Staff (IEEE-USA)
State Government Activities
Student Services (IEEE-USA)
Surfer Survey (see Perspectives Web Extra)
Student Professional Awareness Committee
Student Professional Awareness Conferences (SPAC)
Student Professional Awareness Ventures (SPAV)
Strategic Plan (IEEE-USA)


Talk to IEEE-USA
Technical Activities

Technical Information Statements
Technical Societies (IEEE)
Technology Policy Symposium
Technology Transfer
Today's Engineer magazine
Transportation Policy



Volunteer Leaders (IEEE-USA)
Volunteering (in IEEE-USA)
Volunteering (K-12 Education)


Web Hosting Services
Web Submissions
WISE Internship
Women in Engineering






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