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Webmaster's Helpers Quick Reference Sheet

The World Wide Web Organization

The folks who develop the HTML standards. Their site provides the latest news and info on web standards, how-to's, and news.

HTML 4.0 Standard

Approved in April 23, 1998 and still undergoing revision, 4.0's style-sheets represent a leap forward in web page design, but must be carefully implemented to make it backward compatible with older web browsers.

HTML 3.2 Standard

Previous HTML standard is still valid for browsers currently in use.

W3.ORG's HTML Validator

Validate your HTML code with this on-line utility.

The Beginner's Guide to HTML

Introductory primer current through HTML 3.2 available on-line from the NCSA

IEEE Web Style Guide

Creating web pages the IEEE way!

IEEE Web Tools

Links to web browsers, HTML editors, image editors, IEEE specific and generic images and templates.

A Web Masters Guide to Search Engines

Background on how popular search engines index your web site and tips on getting your page into the top level search results.

InfiNet's Colors Page

A neat free utility that lets you compare background and text colors and gives you the codes needed to use background colors in your own pages.

Web Pages that Suck

Learn from the mistakes of others. This site provides examples of bad web page designs with commentary to help teach good web site design principles.


This site providers user-friendly tips and "how-to" advice for the novice Internet user. A good place to refer folks who don't have a clue.


HotWired.Com's how-to guides for web developers.

WebSite Garage

Commercial page includes a free diagnostic tool to give a web page a free "tune-up" . Checks browser compatibility, load time, popularity, spelling, and HTML coding.


A search engine developed by and for webmasters.


Another search engine that specializes in World Wide Web resources, plus "how-to" tutorials and news for webmasters.


Free services to improve the "interactivity" of your website such as chat rooms, bulletin boards, page counters, and quizlets that you can incorporate into your site for java-capable users.

Free Internet 4.5

Free resources to build successful websites," including free e-mail, web page design, webpage hosting, domain names, and Internet access/

Yahoo! on the World Wide Web

Links to sites with useful information on almost all Web-related subjects from HTML, CGI-scripting and Java to page creation, free graphics, and basic tutorials.


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